sp_boxScanaPLUS is a robust, versatile and multi-application 9 Channels logic analyzer. It relies on the free ScanaStudio software to capture and analyze logic signals. This logic analyzer will capture signals at a rate of 100 MSPS (Million Samples Per Seconds) on all 9 channels. Signals will then be compressed and streamed in real time to the host computer. Go


Scanalogic-2 PRO is a 4 channel Logic Analyzer and Digital signal generator, specially designed to decode and analyze serial protocols like SPI, I2C, UART, 1-WIRE and CAN.The Scanalogic-2 counts more than 3000 users around the world, a lot of reviews written by our fans, a very active support forum and a growing portfolio of distributorsGo


SCANALOGIC-2 EDU KIT (Educational kit) is a fun and educational kit allowing you to build a high performance logic analyzer at home! It’s an even lower cost equivalent to the SCANALOGIC-2 Logic Analyzer whose performances have been proved over the last few years. Go


ScanaStudio is a software created to let users get the most out of their IKALOGIC Logic analyzer (like the SCANALOGIC-2).  Scanastudio is designed to be compatible with all future IKALOGIC devices, thus making it a complete electronic debugging environment, with customizable modules and add-ons  like : Protocols decoder, Data exporter and converter or Data builder modules. Go