Our Logic Analyzers allow faster debugging for electronics professionals & serious hobbyists!

Our Logic Analyzers

At IKALOGIC, we believe we can bring a lot of innovation into the world of digital electronics designers. Our logic analyzers are designed to be intuitive while being sophisticated enough to cover all your needs. It will assist you to find out why your serial communication is not working as expected, or why your I2C device is not responding as expected. More

Scanalogic 2

Scanalogic-2 Logic Analyzers is our entry level device. Connect it to computer via USB and capture logic signals at will. With scanalogic-2, you can also analyze captured signals, save them or even generate them back to test your equipment. Priced to be accessible to the hobbyists, Scanalogic-2 is the best choice for your first Logic Analyzer purchase. More


ScanaPLUS, our newest logic analyzer is the result of 1.5 years of development. This powerful and features packed device will let you capture signals of many kinds (TTL, 1.8v, 3.3v, RS232, RS485,CAN, etc..), at 100MHz sampling rates and over 9 channels. This logic analyzer was designed to be extremely robust, versatile and precise. More